Finding Quality and Affordable RN to BSN Programs
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Finding Quality and Affordable RN to BSN Programs – 7 Key Factors to Consider

Selecting the best online nursing program is a crucial choice. You want to choose a program that will help you develop critical thinking and leadership skills while allowing you to fit into your work schedule.

Many places of employment offer tuition reimbursement for BSN bridge programs, so check with your human resources department to see what is available.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence can be measured in many ways. It can mean earning good grades and participating in groups or activities that support your major. It can also include participation in honor societies and university and national scholarship programs.

For students who require the flexibility of online training but desire a degree from a respected institution, a cheap RN to BSN programs can be a great choice. For example, Oklahoma students can enroll in the RN-BSN online program at Northeastern State University which has multiple start dates and pay-by-the-course tuition. Many of these courses can be finished more quickly than standard four-year bachelor’s degrees and are intended for nurses with an associate degree in nursing.

Student-Faculty Relationships

There are several ways to pay for an RN to BSN degree, including scholarships, grants, and tuition reimbursement. Scholarships are often given with stipulations such as a minimum GPA or attendance requirements, and they may require the student to work in a specific area or role while attending school.

Some universities have an RN to BSN competency-based program that allows students to move through the course material quickly, which is suitable for working nurses who want to graduate in less time. 

Student Support

Student support services are essential tools for keeping students on track to graduate. They work best when they are well-publicized, such as in marketing messages and during orientation.

When students can connect their classwork to career goals, they are likelier to keep going even when things get challenging. Student support services can include career counseling, internships, job fairs, and other programs that help students stay motivated to reach their goals. These services are more than just a “nice perk” for RN to BSN students; they can be the difference between successful completion of the program and dropping out.


Students with online RN to BSN degrees can complete their courses independently. The virtual “chalkboard” is never erased, and information is available at the student’s convenience. Students who need to work a certain number of hours per week can often satisfy class requirements by working at their jobs and submitting proof of participation in some way.

It is significant for nurses who must balance school and life commitments. In addition to RN to BSN curriculum, many schools offer flexible options, such as accelerated RN to BSN programs and part-time enrollment. Nursing scholarships can also help reduce overall tuition costs.


The location of the program may significantly impact its costs. Many scholarships can help you pay for an RN to BSN degree. A few of these scholarships are nursing-specific, while others are awarded based on academic performance.

Some schools also have flexible enrollment dates. Allows students to start classes when it works best for their schedules. It is an excellent option for busy nurses who want to increase their credentials without taking time off.

Financial Aid

When choosing a BSN program, it’s essential to consider the cost. Many online universities offer scholarships that can help ease the financial burden of tuition. In addition, many hospitals provide tuition reimbursement for nursing programs.

Career Opportunities

Programs for online RNs to earn their BSNs are made with non-traditional students in mind. Numerous educational institutions have a flexible schedule that enables you to attend classes from anywhere, even home. Some schools also offer work-study opportunities where you can earn money to help pay for your studies.

Getting an advanced nursing degree can make a big difference in your career. However, finding a school that offers quality RN to BSN programs at an affordable price is essential.